Deadlift: The King Of Mass-Builders?

The deadlift is one of the king compound exercise that works a lot of muscle groups at the same time making it perfect for both fat loss and weight gain for skinny.

Using lots of muscle at once is something that you should be looking for in your exercises for a number of reasons. Using multiple muscle groups makes and exercise “functional”. The deadlift allows the usage of huge poundage’s that can translate into massive muscle gains in short periods of time.

Benefits of Deadlifting

Muscle Efficiency. The beauty of deadlifting is that it provides maximum muscle stimulation with minimum movement.

Releases Growth Hormones and Testosterone. Like the squat, this exercise releases growth hormones and testosterone when done because of its incredible intensity. There is no other exercise better than the deadlift when it comes to releasing these beneficial hormones.

Building the Core. The deadlift directly stimulates all of the major muscle groups responsible for core strength, core stability, and good posture. Core strength and stability is important in all terms because it provides maintenance for your balance, and weight transference which is crucial in everyday life and your fitness life.

Injury Prevention. Building a strong back and hamstrings provides protection against many workout-related injuries.

Real Life Application. There is no doubt that the dead has real life application. It aids in lifting heavy objects off the ground, like furniture, by providing you with strength and a knowledge of proper form on how to do so.

True Measure Of Strength. It can be argued that the deadlift is the absolute true measure of one’s strength as it uses more muscle group than any other exercise and as it is such a simple movement.

Grip Strength. If you deadlift without wraps, your grip strength will increase like no other exercise movement due to the large amount of weight you are lifting off the floor.

How To Do the Deadlift Correctly

In the following video Mark Rippetoe demonstrate proper squat technique:

Key Points to Remember!!!

  • Look straight ahead
  • Keep your back straight.
  • Chest up at all times
  • Squat down untill your legs are slightly above parallel.
  • Feet and shoulder should be the same width apart.
  • Arms should be just slightly outside your knees.
  • The bar, when going up and down, should be roughly 1-2 inches from your shins.
  • Do not shrug at the top.
  • Do not bend your arms.

Common Deadlift Mistakes

  • Rounding the back – This is the most common mistake. People have a tendency to round their back when starting. Rounding the back is a major mistake and can lead to serious injury. See picture for Explanation.
  • Pulling with the arms – The deadlift should not involve your arms pulling at all. The arms merely stay connected to the bar, while the legs and the back do all of the lifting.
  • Butt too low when starting – Many people make the mistake of putting their legs and butt in a low squat position. When starting your butt and hips should be higher than your knees.

Finally, the deadlift should be the single most important exercise for skinny hardgainers trying to gain weight. Simply put, there is no other exercise that works out more muscles in one movement than the deadlift. It is so simple, hardcore and beneficial, I’m amazed how so many skinny guys who are trying to get big completely ignore this exercise.

Start light and make sure your body is warmed up beforehand with some light cardio and you will drastically reduce your chances of injury. You will notice rapid change in strength over the first few weeks but remember to play close attention to your form.

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