Build Bigger, Fuller, Shirt-Splitting Arms With Victor Martinez

Who doesn’t want to build bigger arms? Having big biceps and triceps is key to having an impressive physique. Plus, it gives you something to brag about if you need a quick ego boost.

So how exactly do you go about building bigger biceps and triceps? Lots of people try all types of crazy stuff to accomplish this goal, only to meet eventual disappointment because they have no clue what they’re doing.

In this video, Victor Martinez- one of the top-ranked IFBB Pro and the face of nutrition powerhouse MHP demonstrates some key exercises and provides some practical arm training tips and advice for adding size to your biceps and triceps.

Martinez’s Training Philosophy for Bigger Arms

If you were to boil down Martinez’s training philosophy to a simple plan of attack, it’s this: Employ good exercise form, do 10 reps per set and don’t overtrain.

  • Good form: You don’t get to be 270 pounds of hard muscle without handling some heavy poundage — but you won’t find Martinez doing unsafe or jerking movements to move the weight. That’s because he’s a stickler when it comes to exercise form, which helps prevent injuries and build muscle.
  • Ten reps per set: In general, Martinez stays at 10 reps during most sets. “It works for me. But every once in a while, I do higher 15- to 20-rep phases. Everyone’s different. You need to know your body and work with it. See what works best for you. But four to six — no, that’s too low. That’s more for powerlifting.”
  • Don’t overtrain: Martinez lifts weights four days a week and rests the other three. “I spend less than an hour in the gym at a time,” he adds. The half-hour before his workout, Martinez thinks about that day’s game plan. Once he sets foot in the gym, there’s no wasted time. After a five-minute warm-up on the stationary bike, he heads to the weights.

Martinez hits each bodypart once a week, except for abs and calves, which he trains twice a week. For lagging bodyparts, his advice is unequivocal: “Before you think about adding a second day for a lagging body part, make sure you check your form on your exercises for that bodypart. The problem is usually not how many times you train, it’s your form when you do train.”

Put muscle groups that you want to bring up or give extra energy to at the beginning of the week, Martinez advises. “That’s why I do quads on Tuesday,” he says. “My legs are fresh and I have more energy.”

Isn’t your body responding to your workout? Change your routine, the Dominican Dominator says. “If I don’t see changes after a month on a new routine, I change it. Your body adapts to new workouts quickly.”

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