Top Three Chest Isolation Workouts with IFBB Pro Victor Martinez

Keep benching, but don’t forget your chest isolation workouts- flyes, crossovers and dips if you want to carve up that hard-earned chest mass.

Long has the bench press been the king of upper body exercises, and believed to be the best way to increase size and thickness in your chest. However, big benching alone won’t produce the chiseled mass that most guys want. For maximum pec presence, you have to hit every muscle fiber at every angle with Chest Isolation Workouts. So by all means, keep benching, but don’t forget your flyes, crossovers and dips if you want to carve up that hard-earned chest mass.

IFBB Pro Victor Martinez Demonstrating Top Three Chest Isolation Workouts

In this video, Born of Dominican heritage, Victor Martinez is one of the top ranked IFBB Pro and the face of nutrition powerhouse MHP demonstrates some key chest isolation workouts with amazing techniques.

  1. Dumbbell Fly
  2. Dumbbell Pull Over
  3. Cable Crossover

The pectoral muscles can be extremely hard to isolate. This is because the tricep muscles are also used in almost all of chest exercises. They usually fatigue long before the chest muscles, which is the main reason why it’s so difficult to properly work the chest. The best way to work around this is to implement a training technique known as pre-exhaustion. First perform some pectoral isolation exercises to target only the chest muscles, then immediately follow this with a second chest exercise.

The upper pectoral muscles are often ignored by people who are new to weight lifting. Many people have the tendency to focus solely on the flat bench press, which mostly targets the outer and middle sections of the pectorals. Balanced growth of the pectoral muscles necessitates including upper pectoral exercises into your workouts. If the exercises are varied and correct technique is used it will go a long way in helping you attain full and imposing pectoral muscles.

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