9 Exercise Tips For Quick Muscle Gain

With a little intelligent bodybuilding training, you CAN build muscle mass and gain weight fast. Here are 9 training rules you should follow when you design your workout routine and perform those exercise.

If you want to gain muscle fast, then it’s critical that you have a good idea of how to train in order to spark muscle growth. It takes strong dedication to build a good body. However, hard work alone isn’t enough. You need to be smart enough to train effectively if you want to make good gains in both muscle size and strength.

Train Intensely

You must work each set until you can’t do another repetition in good form.  There is no point in stopping at a set number of reps (such as 8), if you are capable of doing 12.  Your body needs to be challenged.

Train Briefly

Your workouts need to be short.  This is a very important weight lifting tip.  You should never need to do a weight lifting routine that takes over an hour.  If you are in the gym that long, you aren’t working intensely enough.  You can workout hard or long, but you cannot do both.  And to succeed in building muscle, you need to workout hard.

Train Infrequently with Consistency

Your body needs time to recover from your weight lifting routine, so that in can adapt and grow.  If you train with weights before your body is completely recovered, you won’t add new muscle and will eventually over train. But don’t skip your exercise too often, which hinder your weight gain progress.

Train Progressively

You need to constantly challenge what your body can do by continuing to add more weight and/or repetitions to your previous best effort as often as possible.  If you can bench press 50 pounds now, and 6 months from now you are still bench pressing 50 pounds, there is no way you’ll be able to gain weight fast and add muscle to your skinny body.

Train with Compound Lift

With compound exercises you can accomplish two activities and reach two end results in half the time. You can get a full-body workout that will quickly build muscle mass and overall fitness while strengthening the body as a whole with a half-dozen compound exercises such as squat, deadlift, bench-press etc.

Over training And Recovery

Over training occurs when you work a muscle too often, not allowing it to fully recover. It’s a common scenario in gym where skinny individuals do biceps exercise too often as it is visible and one of the attractive muscle for showing-off. As part of your weight lifting basics principles you need to be aware of this over training and be aware that your body grows when it is at rest so, never train a muscle if its still sore and always allow 1 or 2 days in between weight training.

Full range Of Motion and Control Weight

One of the most common mistakes I see people doing in the gym is that they do not do the exercises correctly and stop just short of full contraction. Moreover, skinny peoples jerk the weight to lift as they have less control over the weight. It is important to do each exercise exactly as you should, if it means lowering the weight so you can perform it better then this is what you will have to do with controlled fashion. Remember, control your weight, don’t let the weight to control you.

Warming Up

You need to warm up because when you train a muscle the temperature in that area increases allowing you to contract the muscle much more forcefully. This makes it possible to train more intensely and get a greater benefit from your workout.


This is an important weight training principle that often gets over looked. DO NOT HOLD YOUR BREATH WHILST LIFTING OR LOWERING THE WEIGHTS. Try and breathe out as you lift the weights and in as you lower them. This is the hardest part of the exercise.

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