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STOP Deadlifting until you learn how to do THIS

Alan Thrall – Northern Nevada’s Strongest Man 2014, explains the necessity of engaging hamstrings and glutes for the proper execution of deadlift.

This is an excellent explanation of proper form; aided with images to focus on and explanation of what you need to FEEL at each point of the exercises rather than showing “correct angles” and posture.

When deadlifting you must understand three key points.

  • How to load the hamstrings
  • Engage the posterior chain
  • Hinge at the hips

Engaging the hamstrings and glutes during the deadlift is beneficial for a number of reasons. Here’s a couple:

Reason 1# Engage Hams/Glutes = Develop Hams/Glutes

The point of training should be to strengthen muscles and/or increase their size. The deadlift one of the best exercises for developing a strong posterior chain. If you are not engaging your hamstrings and glutes while you deadlift, you’re not developing them like you could be. You are completely missing out on the benefit of deadlifting.

Hey dude, so why do you do deadlifts anyway? Cause my program said so.

According to Alan, deadlifting and not getting any hamstring or glutes work is like squatting and not get any leg work. You’re probably doing something wrong.

Reason 2# Your poor lower back is doing ALL THE WORK!

If your glutes and hamstrings are doing any of the work your lower back is forced to do it all. Learn how to engage your hamstrings and glutes and you will notice that the weight will feel lighter because you have more prime movers doing their job.your lower back thank you.

So understanding that you need to engage hamstrings and glutes in deadlifting is one thing, actually knowing how to do it is another. Watch this video and learn how to perform deadlift with proper form.

Here coach Alan stressed two key factor while deadlifting.

Do NOT allow your lumbar spine to flex over (round)

How far you can lower the barbell does not matter. what matters is going far enough to stretch and load hamstrings. If you have very tight hamstrings and you can only lower the bar to just above your knees that’s OKAY! Do not try to go further because you think have to lower the bar to mid-shin.

Squeeze the glutes together

Engage your glutes by snapping your hips through, by squeezing your glutes together. don’t get this confused with Just leaning back.Think hips through, not lean back. Pretend you are in prison and you were trying to send the message that you are not open for business.

To Recap, learning how to load the hamstrings, engage the posterior chain and hinge at the hips will ensure you are strengthening the right muscles and it’ll give your poor lower back some much-needed help.

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