Jason Statham’s Workout Routine Exposed!!!

Jason Statham’s own personal trainer, Logan Hood, is a former Navy SEAL himself and was also one of the guys who got the crew for the film 300 in such great shape.

His trainer takes a no B.S. approach to his training and diet philosophy with Jason Statham admitting that there’s no place to hide when working out with him.

Jason Statham’s Workout Plan

Jason Statham always wants his own workout to be extreme and brutal while strongly emphasizing the use of bodyweight training over machines. Interval Based Training is the foundation behind his training routine.  He used super intense workouts that would explode his heart rate to achieve the maximum fat loss possible. 

Jason Statham and Logan Hood both used big bodyweight core movements such as the squat, deadlift, push-up and pull-ups for the basis of their training. They also used pushing and pulling supersets interwoven with their big core movements.

Each workout is started by a ten-minute warm-up, preferably something that’s low impact and involves almost all the primary muscle groups of the body. In his case, the workout involved using a rowing machine. Unfortunately, this is only the easy part, and the hardships would come at a later time.

Up next is medium intensity training. This part includes heavy lifting mixed with various compound movements including deadlifts, power cleans and front squats, among others. After this, you can also do interval training, which is the hardest part of the Jason Statham workout. This will surely wear you down, because it tests the limits of your body. This also uses a variety of exercises, but it doesn’t make things easier. It targets different parts of your body, but the punishment is enough to make you tired as a whole.

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