Jason Statham’s Workout Routine Exposed!!!

Day 5 – Cumulative Movements

This workout is designed to be a metabolically demanding, training the entire body with exercises that work multiple muscle groups. The Cumulative Movement workout consists of only one trip through as opposed to a circuit workout in which you repeatedly cycle back through the same movements.

Warm-up (Part 1): Rowing.

Just as in Day 1, Jason completes 10 minutes on the rowing machine at a pace that’s less than 20 strokes per minute (SPM). (Jason’s distance: 2,149 meters.)

Warm-up (Part 1): The bear crawl and crab walk.

Alternate back and forth between the bear crawl for a distance of 15 meters and the crab walk for a distance of 15 meters. Repeat until you’ve done five 15-meter increments of each.

Workout Session: One round through a series of exercises.

Direction: Do one set of each movement, completing all of the prescribed number of repetitions before moving on to the next exercise. Perform each exercise as quickly as possible while maintaining proper form and full range of motion. The stopwatch is running on this one so try to get through it as quickly as possible by minimizing rest.

Day 6 – Contextual Effort

This can be any activity or sport that you enjoy doing. If this is of significant duration and intensity it should be considered as part of your training. In Jason’s case the goal was to get outside and maintain an activity nonstop for over an hour to build some endurance (training the aerobic energy pathway).

Workout Session: 1 hour plus trail run in the mountains. Jason’s time: 73 minutes.

Day 7 – Rest

Jason Statham does an awesome job of going hardcore in his workout plan.  And for that, you see all his hard work come through with his athletically built body.  Hope you enjoyed this celebrity workout routine of Jason Statham and if you like it be sure to leave a comment and I’ll keep them coming!

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