Men Prefer Curves, Not Skinny

It seems like so many women are constantly looking for effective diets or workout plans to make them size zero. “The less my weight is, the more popular and attractive I am”. But what type of figure really does drive men crazy?

Scientific studies have consistently demonstrated that men through the ages have found women with hourglass figures more attractive.

A study has found that men really do prefer ‘normal’-sized women with a few curves to those who are fashionably thin. They find a body like Scarlett Johansson’s or Kate Winslet’s more attractive than the angular frames of Posh Spice and Paris Hilton.

The research from St Andrews University, published in the journal Perception, involved a group of male students. Researchers asked them to rate photographs of female faces for attractiveness. The women in the ‘normal’ weight range were rated as better looking than the skinny ones.

Professor David Perrett said: ‘This sends out a strong message to all the girls out there who believe you have to be underweight to be attractive. ‘The people making judgments in our study were all between the ages of 18 and 26 and they did not rate the underweight girls most attractive. They preferred normal-weight girls.’

According to an another research, men prefer women with “softer” figures. The investigation, compiled using the Web Opinion Analysis method, surveyed 1200 men aged between 25 and 55, who were monitored through leading social networks. The result is clear: 81% of the men interviewed preferred curvy women to skinny women. Fuller-figured women are thought to have the right mix of fun and sexiness: they’re seen as more feminine (65%) and more seductive (52%) than thin women.

A survey in Fabulous magazine says men in the U.K. find a size 12 to be ideal

Female Curves are Beautiful, Desirable and Feminine

Curvaceousness always creates a more shapely and harmonious effect on a woman. A curvy woman may even seem to look more natural and appear as more easily graceful than a skinny or waif-like woman.

Those voluptuous female curves on a woman also happen to exude sensuality (and are associated with fertility) And, basically for a man, that’s pretty NICE to see.

Generally speaking, curves to a male subconscious, coincide with a woman’s ability to conceive children. A woman with wider hips and bigger breasts (to a male subconscious), would be more capable in ways of child bearing and breast feeding than say, a super slim streamlined woman with a smaller chest. This is not so for every man, though it is an accepted thesis.

Many scientists believed that a shapely figure suggested to a man that a woman would be good at bearing children and have a longer life expectancy. Such a study performed by scientists from the University of California and the University of Pittsburgh, suggests that they are also cleverer.

The research concluded that women with lower waist-to-hip ratios (WHR) produced children with better intellectual abilities[2]. “Shapely hips and thighs hold essential nutrients that nurse brains and could produce smart kids, too,” said one researcher, Steven Gaulin, of the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Christina Hendricks Killer Curves

Skinniness Spoils the Ideal Lines of Femininity

It’s been confirmed: Skinny women are more successful in their careers. Women who are “very thin” earn nearly $22,000 more than their “average weight counterparts,” according to a study in the Journal of Applied Psychology.

The fact is that a very skinny and ‘waifish’ type of woman often has rather unsightly bones that are clearly visible through the surface of her skin. This is NOT an attractive look for a woman! Though, a slight gain in weight should eliminate such a ‘skeletal’ appearance.

It’s also important that a woman shouldn’t ever get too thin – because exaggerated skinniness spoils the ideal lines of femininity. The sharp and angular lines of a particularly skinny woman is generally not considered to be feminine or womanly at all. This kind of female figure can also be considered to be more androgynous in appearance – even to appear as ‘boy-like.’

Also, being underweight can ruin the appearance of a woman’s face – giving her a gaunt or hard look – not to mention she risks looking like she’s fallen victim to ‘lollipop head syndrome’ (a big head on a small body.)

Skinny vs Curvy might be an over the decades debate but in real life men always prefer women who are more feminine, healthy and confidant. Though it’s all about men’s preference, It is obvious that they find women most attractive when they take care of themselves maintaining a healthy balance of muscle and fat. So Being HEALTHY is what matters. That is what we should all try to focus on. If you’re a woman, then take-home message is stop dieting to be rail thin and adopt sound eating habits and an active lifestyle. Then you’ll be irresistible.

Do you think men prefer a lady with curves? Your comments and thoughts on this subject would be greatly appreciated.


    • This article is highly offensive. As if insulting “skinny” people is alright. It’s really not. I am “skinny” but I eat all the time. I have a very high metabolism. Before you go around offending people you should really think.

  • No. This post is so stupid and so ignorant it makes me want to hurl. It is NOT okay to shame thinner women just so “curvier” women can feel better. Just the same, you shouldn’t do it the other way around. Some women are naturally skinny, and the term, “waif-like” is a HUGE insult. How unfair and unjust of this article. You make me sick.

    • This post is not written to insult naturally skinny women, rather to motive them for getting fit and healthy. What you would say about those skinny fashion models who are striving for being skinny?

      • The thing is not all skinny women are “skinny fashion models who are striving for being skinny” :/

      • Naturally skinny women do not need motivation to get “fit and healthy”. They ARE. There’s a huge difference between a 6’2″ woman who weighs 90 pounds and is a size 0, and a 5’2″ with the same measurements. I agree that it’s ridiculously unfair to label size 0 women as unhealthy and anorexic. And newsflash! You can be slender and curvy!!

  • Well. it didn’t motivate me. In fact, it makes me wanna stay at the weight I am. I don’t have to gain weight for anyone, but my doctor. My doctor has never once complained about my thin appearance, so I’m pretty sure I’m in a good condition.

  • I am a size 6 in UK clothing… I find this very offensive as I eat (healthy food) constantly and work out a couple of days a week. This article has not motivated me to “get fit and healthy”. With my metabolism this article would, in fact, do exactly the opposite of your intentions by motivating me to eat high fat, high sugar/processed foods and not work out. What is a healthy body weight for me is not healthy for other people. For people like myself, the “preferred” body as you claim is unattainable. I would rather stay at my HEALTHY size 6 and have a guy love me for who I am then to go out of my way to try and achieve what is apparently the ideal weight for the majority of men. Instead of motivating women to all be one size, how about motivating them to eat properly, stay active, laugh often and love others. Women will become stronger when they start realizing that supporting each other is empowering, comparing ourselves to each other will only keep us down.

  • I agree with the first poster…this article seems like it is trying to make big women feel better. The pictures are deceiving. The first girl is a size 6, but probably because she is model tall. If she were 5’2 she would probably be a size 2. The size 8 model here looks healthy, but as a small framed 5’4, a size 8 is considered overweight for me, a size 10 obese.

    People need to realize that all women under a size 6 are not starving themselves into something unhealthy or unnatural. It is insulting that this article suggests thin women are not feminine, seductive, or alluring to men. Some women or naturally thin. “Normal” is kind of a joke these days anyway. With the growing obese numbers in the US, just because you have the common size 14, does not mean you are healthy.

  • This article was not written to shame naturally thin women in fact it does not even mention thin women being remotely unattractive to males. This article is clearly just presenting the facts of a study conducted to see what men prefer. If you looked at the percentages listed you would see that there are men who do prefer thin women over curvy. It also states that men prefer women who live a healthy life style regardless of there shape and size. Regardless of your shape or size if you are taking care of yourself your natural beauty will come through, witch any man would fine hard to resist.

    • “The fact is that a very skinny and ‘waifish’ type of woman often has rather unsightly bones that are clearly visible through the surface of her skin. This is NOT an attractive look for a woman!”

  • This is untrue, men do not like size 12 women better than size 8. I have been both sizes and at a size 12 was virtually ignored by men, size 12 s fat, I’m sorry but it is. Those pictures are ridiculous, the size 12 girl has smaller hips than the 8 and let’s face it most size 12 don’t look like that. Those pictures are not representative of real women at all.

  • Good lord why do skinny girls on these posts get so upset over this stuff. You guys are too freaking sensitive. So what if the post indicates that a thicker women is more desired by SOME men. Calm the hell down for god sake im so sick of all these girls getting so worked up over any little reference to thin not being desired. Yes some people dont like skinny girls. Get over it.

    To the girl who said size 12 is fat it isnt, just because you didnt look good at that size doesnt mean everyone does.Truth is guys like shape. Doesnt matter what size the girl is so long as she has shape. Its the feminine shape that attracts a guy not the dress size.

    • I agree completely with “someone you dont know”. I am a large framed cuban and caucasian gal, blessed with a cuban figure. I am 5’4 152 lbs size 6 top and 8 bottom (us sizes). I eat lots of protein and workout. I measure 37-27.5-39. My weight suits me well. Even at a size 10 and 12 I still had an hourglass figure and attracted lots of men.and not just minorities or working class men, Ive attracted all kinds. Id like to get down one more size, since that is when I look perfect, but like I said since I have a large frame and hourglass, I look good in a variety of sizes. If a lady gains mostly in her chin or belly and arms, then a size 8 or 10 may not look as attractive. Thin women can look good too as long as its not underweight. In my opinion, i love myself and other ladies (im bisexual) in a size 6 with a cinched waist. But preferences are many so I think people should feel good at any size.

    • If you resemble a victim of a concentration camp, it’s not attractive to any gender.
      And yes, curves, being hour glass shape is sexy to many men. Skinny girls don’t like it because they feel superior in some way by being skinny, and don’t want to feel threatened. They cant produce sensual curves except by going against their natural body type and eating more than they may want to, and being uncomfortable. The media has long tried to shove , “the skinner the better” down our psyches for decades.
      I am 5″ 10 and about 172 ish size 12, at 47 years old. I do want to be healthy and am always trying to eat well and walk. When I was younger I lost weight and got to 128 by smoking and only drinking coffee. I was miserable. I find that having curves is more attractive to men. They love the softness, and the shapes and the feel of a full grown woman. Not all, but many do. Some men have been programmed to think they should like super skinny women, and they feel pressured by others to affirm this. There is a lot of money riding on this proposed ideal to be super thin..mostly by promoting it as the ideal, which skinny women use then to believe they are in some way superior to voluptuous curvy women.
      We do this with age as well. We need to stop competing and make the very best of what God gave us uniquely. There are many varieties of shapes of men and women. We can appreciate what we have without having to shame others, or feel superior/ inferior.
      Finding someone to truly love and be loved by, does include a physical attraction, but so much more. Our ability to be affectionate, kind , generous and sharing a life with someone is not dependent on size, and it is what we long for, not just someone that wants to have sex with you.
      That means dropping the I am superior and you are inferior games., about weight, body shape, money , whatever. It may be. Women and men in relationships that are constantly comparing themselves to others are not fun to be with. People who are comfortable with themselves, while making the best of what they have, are at ease with who they are, and in turn, with their partner, are able to fully find their partners appealing and have joy with them.

  • Wow, blah blah blah, skinny/slender women. This article talks about “the ideal.” Which is not an emaciated girl, and not an obese one, either. Let’s just put that out there, it’s not beating down skinny girls to lift up fat ones. All girls with body issues are girls who have confidence issues, this was only meant to inform with a study that “the” ultimate body shape is the hourglass shape. Also, yes, some were referred to as waif-like because . . . some are. But apart from that term, there’s also “board” and “ruler” to refer to extremely skinny and flat women who don’t have exaggerated curves, just like there’s the term “whale” and everything else under the sun said about large women. Suck it up, get over it. This, of all articles, is not a skinny-girl attack. Besides, a skinny girl will never be as intensely insulted as an obese woman. Keep it moving.

  • Reality check. Not everyone is beautiful. Sorry if that hurts your feelings. There are other things in life you can focus on though. And when someone is too skinny, they dont mean, a normal skinny, like too thin, or too athletic, or boyish, the majority of men do t find it attractive, but not everyone wants the majority of men, suck it up, go find a one in a million man and stop searching how to be pretty on the internet. Look at how closely they are rated, by 1-2% difference! and a size 12-16 is not really that difference in size…. Its the difference between a belt notch lol. And too thin sub consciously men may view as unhealthy, maybe a mental illness like anorexia, maybe a thyroid problem, maybe aids, malnurtrition, cancer, worms, etc. where as some individual looks at an overweight person and to them it reminds them of laziness, a mental illness, depression, where a girl in the middle is prolly less high maintenance and will cook him steaks anytime he wants without worrying about getting fat. Men want to let them selves go a little , and a skinny b…. Will be like, no i dont eat meat, making every restaurant date occasion akward an annoying while you judge everyone for eating what they want, or going to a shitty restaurant that doesn’t serve meat because you are selfish. A skinny woman who claims to be enter mined, but is actually vain, will put herself, and her gym time and her meal plan before the family’s needs and wants. Like no birthday cake for you little Johnny, because mommys on a diet.

  • I absolutely agree with the first poster. This article is extremely insulting to naturally thin women. And for the record, some thin women are also curvy! I am naturally very petite and thin but have wide hip bones for my body and larger breasts. I focus on being healthy; I don’t starve myself or anything like that. Shame on the people who put this article together.

  • wait, is that size in US or UK, coz im size 8 in US and that’s ten in UK, so do i need to chunky up one size or two sizes, to make husband’s water mouth, lol???

  • dude… the size 12 is freakin fat!! how would a guy think that type of body would make his “mouth” water? and the size 6 girl actually looks like a size 2. I think the “size 6 and size 8” girl look the best. the rest are FAT

  • You people do realize that these are UK sizes, right? UK 8 is US 4. UK 10 is US 6. UK 12 is US 8. UK 14 is US 10… Medium is usually around US 6-8, so no surprises here.

  • as a 14 year old girl, who is 5’5 and 100 lbs, this hadn’t helped my self-esteem one bit. More like making me hate myself for how I am built.

    “The fact is that a very skinny and ‘waifish’ type of woman often has rather unsightly bones that are clearly visible through the surface of her skin. This is NOT an attractive look for a woman! Though, a slight gain in weight should eliminate such a ‘skeletal’ appearance”

    That just put my confidence down to a zero. Some people don’t understand that it is hard for some girls to gain weight or muscle if they have a fast metabolism and was born this way.. This post hurt me so much that I don’t even want to walk in front of anyone with my ‘waifish’ body.

  • I’m a size US 2. I’m very skinny and boney. I have a basic boy-ish body. Even though I didn’t have ANY breast or bum, I never had a problem getting a date (or 10!). I have always loved how I could eat twice my weight in food and not gain a pound. Even after my first son, I’m the lowest weight I’ve ever was in my early teens! I was always a size US 0 110 lbs, now I’m a US 2 97 lbs. I am not meant to be a big woman. I am a naturally slim woman. Men still think I’m attractive (though I’m tied down now!) Hardly any men have patronize to me for “being too thin” ( ironically it’s only the women lol!) So to all you naturally thin girls or girls who want to be thin, just be happy and healthy. (: if you want to diet to be skinny, DO IT but do it HEALTHY. If you are naturally skinny but feel pressured to gain weight due to reading very opinionated articles on the internet then just do what makes YOU happy (and healthy!!!).

    I think we should encourage happy and healthy lifestyles instead of “runway model skinny” or “curvious perfect weight distribution hourglass” shapes! We should encourage young women to be happy, healthy, and SMART. Independent and educated!

    At the end of our lives, we will all be old and frail, so let’s work on the INSIDE rather than our temporary outward appearance. (: sending positive vibes to all.

  • This isn’t a dig at naturally thin women, just an information study saying MOST men prefer women with some curves. Size 12 (UK) is NOT fat, in the picture, the size 10 and 12 are slim, so all you self pitying girls saying they’re fat, you really need a good talking to about that. Like it also states, curves are linked to ‘fertility’ and ‘intelligence’,
    I’m a UK size 8-10 and 5″2′ and I have an hourglass figure but I’m not ‘fat’ as you girls call it. I’m actually slim and for the 14 year old girl, you’re 14, you haven’t developed fully yet into a woman so it doesn’t really apply to you yet because school boys don’t know the different yet, a girl is a girl to them and this clearly states MEN.
    This also isn’t to make curvy women feel better about themselves but just stating the obvious, a woman with curves means strong hips to support a baby, they weigh a fair bit you know and the hips are like the foundation’s are to a house, support!
    so really suck it up and Stop moaning about real life and facts. If you’re that offended by it don’t read it and Stop trying to make out you’re a victim of discrimination or whatever you call it. Just deal with it!

    I know it’s a long rant but someone had to.

  • In fact, men do not prefer curvy girls, but normal-sized girl., while normal shape has the most, but in fact she is as skinny as the last one, but with bigger boobs. Look better! By curve men mean nice boobs, round butt small waist and fit or thin legs, abs and arms

  • Hahah this is so much bull crap I don’t even know where to begin. And there’s no such thing as an “hourglass” figure for most women fyi. Most women are either fat, chubby or thin.

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