Procrastination is Opportunity’s Assassin

Someday I’ll get out of my comfort zone. Someday I’ll start eating healthier. Someday I’ll start exercising. Someday I’ll do a competition. Someday I’ll tell the girl/guy of my dreams what I really think. Someday I’ll tell the girl/guy that I’m with that they aren’t the person of my dreams. Someday I’ll leave my job that makes me miserable. Someday I’ll start chasing my dreams.

How many times do we hear people say these things? Quite often. How come some people are happier and more successful in life than others? I’ve learned to dream with my eyes open. I don’t live in my dreams but rather turn one time dreams into a reality. I haven’t always been like this. The “fear” of failure use to hold me back. Too scared to make that jump. I also realized I could never reach my full potential if I lived in fear of failure. I’m very far from always succeeding but I’m not scared to be defeated. If sitting back and being comfortable in your current situation on cruise control coasting through life while always thinking about what you truly want to do then your not truly living.

So how do we proceed to make our own personal dreams a reality? Baby steps. Start making a plan on what it takes to make your dreams a reality. Possibly even find the “fuel” that will motivate you to push for those dreams. We are all different but that fuel could be as simple as money, love, ego, revenge, and my personal favourite; passion.

Passion has the ability to make people do the unthinkable. When you talk to someone that is passionate about something you can see their eyes light up. It’s something that can’t be taught. When you find something you love do it to the fullest of your potential. We only live one life and why cruise through life when you can live your own dreams.

Find what you love and do what you love well. Get off “Someday I’ll” island and catapult your life to “Your Own Island”.

Ready? Set…go!

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