How to Set Fitness Goals that will Motivate You

Do you fail at achieving your most significant fitness goals? Why not create a powerful ‘motivation sheet’ that will always point the way?

Don’t let your fitness goals and resolutions fall by the wayside. Chances are that to achieve your dream physique and live a healthy life, those goals and resolutions are crucial. Set your goals by answering these three simple questions and always on track.

What Does Your Ideal Body Look Like?

The first step of establishing your goals is to determine what your ideal body would look like. Not just in your head, but in reality. You need to find pictures of exactly what you want to look like and save them for future reference.

It might seem silly for you to go searching on the internet for pictures of ripped guys, but it’s important that you have an exact visual image of how you want your body to look.

What Would Your Ideal State Of Health Be Like?

Even if ‘looking a certain’ way is your primary motivation for training, you will soon learn that the health benefits are just as motivating. You’re going to feel better physically, you’re going to have higher energy levels, you’re going to get stronger, you’re going to be more mentally alert, you’re going to have a stronger sex drive, and more.

Work out a health goal that you find motivating. Like: To have a vital, energetic, strong, and disease-free body that lives long and allows me to stay active and enjoy my life to the fullest.

Why Do You Want To Achieve These Goals?

The next question is why. What are the reasons for achieving those goals? This is completely personal, so write whatever is most motivating to you. For the sake of simplicity, first write the “WHY” for the looks goals, then focus on the health goal.

Maybe you want to boost your confidence; maybe you want to better enjoy sports you play or physically taxing hobbies of yours; maybe you want to get more attention from the opposite sex; maybe you want to feel the satisfaction of overcoming physical barriers; maybe you want to be able to participate in physical activities with your kids; hell, maybe you want to beat your friends in arm wrestling matches. Whatever your reasons, just write them all down.

By answering these three simple questions, create a powerful ‘motivation sheet’ that will always point the way. When you feel a bit tired and are dreading the gym, you can just look at that sheet, and you’ll probably change your mind.

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