Cannonballs Shoulder Isolation Workouts with Victor Martinez

Victor Martinez is one of the top ranked IFBB Pro and the face of nutrition powerhouse MHP demonstrates top six shoulder isolation workouts with amazing techniques for Cannonballs Shoulder.

The shoulders play a key role in nearly every upper body exercise. Because of their critical function, the extreme range of motion, and potential to bulge under your shirt like two stolen cannonballs, strong shoulders are essential for maximum performance and a well-rounded, fit physique.

IFBB Pro Victor Martinez Demonstrating Top Six Shoulder Isolation Workouts

In this video, Born of Dominican heritage, Victor Martinez is one of the top ranked IFBB Pro and the face of nutrition powerhouse MHP demonstrates some key deltoids isolation workouts with amazing techniques.

  1. Side Lateral Raise
  2. Incline Bench Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise
  3. Dumbbell Lying Rear Lateral Raise
  4. Front Dumbbell Raise
  5. Alternate Standing Dumbbell Front Raise
  6. Barbell Upright Row

You should do one compound exercise and three shoulder isolation workouts during each deltoid workout. Compound exercises are those that involve heavy usage of multiple joints. The standing dumbbell overhead shoulder press and the seated military barbell shoulder press are two of the best compound exercises for your deltoids. The dumbbell variation is more difficult because you are in a standing position, so your entire body’s musculature must be engaged to keep you in a stable erect position. Also, since you are using dumbbells, there is more stabilizer muscle activity. In contrast, the military barbell shoulder press is more stable due to the seated position and the use of a barbell. As a result, you are able to lift a heavier load during the lift. By including the two exercises in your deltoid program, alternating between the two exercises during every couple of workouts, you can gain the benefits of each.

As for the shoulder isolation workouts, you should do one exercise for each deltoid head. The front raise, side raise and bent-over side raise are some of the best movements for the front, side and rear heads, respectively. You can perform all three exercises using dumbbells or cable pulleys. It best you alternate between these two pieces of equipment every few workouts to reap the benefits of each. Dumbbells provide you with high stabilizer activity while cable pulleys allow for constant muscular tension.

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