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Rich Piana Shocking Truth On Supplement Industry Marketing

Somebody’s got to tell the truth! Rich Piana hammering on Supplement Industry Marketing- Real foods must be the best choice over supplement.

The whole world seems to be obsessed with finding a magic little pill that will stop all the unwanted fat from entering your body while making you more muscular at the same time. Meanwhile, the entire nutritional fitness industry is trying to capitalize on that idea and convince the general people that artificial supplementation is as good as or better than real food.

People spend billions of dollars every year on nutritional supplementation that promise to get people healthier and in much better shape. Let’s set the record straight; real food is better than scientifically engineered foods, in 98% of all situations.

Don’t be fooled by high-end marketing supplement companies.

Do not accept marketing material that is loaded with falsified information and is often stamped with the word “advertisement” located at the bottom or the top of the page.

Always consider that a large amount of money is spent promoting any supplementation available on the market. No one is putting out billions of dollars in advertising to promote eating real food. There are even lots of advertising for prepackaged and processed foods, such as cereal or restaurant food. Rarely will you ever see a commercial that is geared towards the organic and natural banana.

What do you think? Did you know how the supplements are developed? What is your take on the current supplement market? What supplements do you currently take, why?

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