Amazing 175 Pounds Weight Loss Transformation- Meet The Man Who Never Gave Up

Didn’t you watch Jon Calvo’s amazing Weight Loss Transformation video yet? Now is the time to meet the man who lost over 175 pounds by following a grueling exercise and diet regime over a period of three years. After being overweight for the most part of his life, the young man had only one dream: to lose all the extra weight and become fit.

Several attempts at achieving this goal resulted in failure but when he reached his highest weight of 340 pounds in April 2010, Jon realized it was time he became serious. He adopted a stringent exercise regime—it is not an easy task to lose so much weight! He hit the gym regularly and followed a healthy diet.

The past few years weren’t easy, but Jon was one determined man. You can see for yourself that his resolve has paid off. Today he is a healthy young man with a fit body and no extra flab!

The last part of the video, Jon imparted an advice about starting off with your weight loss journey;

If you are thinking about beginning a journey to health and wellness for yourself, I do have a few words of advice. Know that there are times when you will fail, but that failure is one with your success. A weight loss journey is like riding horseback for a thousand miles. If you fall, do not revert back to where you started by turning your horse around. Instead, get back up and continue moving forward. Your conviction, perseverance, and self-discipline are your greatest allies. No matter what method you decide on, do not ever give up. Lastly, the most important piece of advice: It does not matter when, how, or why you decide to change. The only thing that matters is that you do.

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