What It Means To Be Fit and Healthy

When you think of being “fit”, what does that mean to you? Does it mean looking like Dana Lynn Bailey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, or some other elite athlete? Is it a number on the scale, blood pressure score, jeans size, a body free of disease, or something else?

To some people, it may mean following a regular exercise routine. To others, it may mean being well toned or muscular. It may mean eating a balanced diet. And still to others, it can mean the ability to excel in athletics or other physical challenges. Being fit ultimately refers to your own optimal health and overall well being. Fitness pertains to all aspects of your life – physical, emotional and mental.

Living fit involves a mix of physical, mental, and emotional components that make us who we are. We literally create our bodies from the inside out with what we put in, what we think, and what we do. Regardless of what we think picture-perfect health looks like, there is one thing we all have in common when it comes to fitness: Everyone wants to feel better.

What Being Fit And Healthy Means

You can achieves “FITNESS” when you are strong, energetic, healthy and happy with the way you look. Truly happy and not just convincing yourself that you’re fine just the way you are, but looking into the mirror and genuinely feeling satisfied and proud. That is what the practical definition and goal for fitness should be. When you are fit, you have:

  • Feeling good and having lots of energy.
  • Being able to ride your bike long and hard because cycling really makes me happy!
  • Exercising regularly and being able to enjoy it. I workout because I enjoy it, not because I have to.
  • Being able to live my life and indulge guilt-free while maintaining my body fat percentage with no brutal effort. Because I live to eat and eating makes me happy.
  • Combination of muscular strength and endurance, cardio and flexibility. You may not excel in a particular one but you must work on everything.
  • Seeing yourself get better, faster and stronger. I may not be faster than the person next to me but I’m  faster than I was yesterday.
  • A balanced lifestyle You can easily sustain where you’re completely satisfied with yourself physically and mentally.
  • BEING HAPPY. You know what is “good enough” for you and when to stop.
  • Inspiring and motivating others to be fit and healthy.

What Being Fit And Healthy Doesn’t Means

  • Being ripped and having a 6-pack.
  • Having a low body fat percentage that isn’t easily sustainable.
  • Being skinny.
  • Obsessive behaviour over health and fitness.
  • Restricting calories and counting calories and macros to a tee.
  • Getting depressed and stressed out when you miss a workout. Or never missing a workout a.k.a. no rest days.
  • Judging others for not living the same lifestyle.

Being Fit and Healthy is a way of Life

Looks do not define being fit and healthy. Just because you look great physically or you are able to run a full marathon effortlessly does not mean you are fit and healthy. You maybe training (or over-training) to look good and to be able to achieve greatness but you maybe struggling inside because this lifestyle is eating you up and takes too much effort to sustain.

Just because you’re more ripped than the guy beside you does not mean he cannot kick your ass if he wanted to. Having a 6-pack may only mean you have more discipline than someone who does not because abs are made in the kitchen. The guy next to you with no 6-pack may train even harder than you but he refuses to “diet” because he finds no personal value in having a 6-pack. Just because you are jacked up and look like a body builder does not mean you are fit. You can lift heavy-ass weights but can you do a high intensity endurance workout? Just because you can run a marathon does not mean you are strong or can squat your own bodyweight. It all depends on your goals and your definitions of being fit and healthy.

So, to sum up here, the practical definition of “FITNESS” is obtaining and maintaining a physique that is strong, energetic, healthy, and looks the way you want it to look.  That doesn’t have to mean looking like an elite athlete or fitness model, or having killer 6-pack abs, that just means looking in the mirror and feeling proud and satisfied.
All of these things will have a tremendous impact on the quality of your life, and you must pursue them.

Be strong in all areas of your life. Be proud, live healthily and live a rewarding and exciting life.  Life is short!  Let’s not waste it being sickly, lethargic, ashamed and weak.  Live a life that your grandchildren will be proud to tell their children stories of, and more importantly, live a life that brings you a wealth of joy and satisfaction.

What does being fit and healthy mean to you? …Because if you don’t know, how will you achieve it?

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