15 Minutes Yoga for Chest and Shoulder

This is an instructional restorative yoga video that lasts just over 15 minutes.This sequence of yoga for chest and shoulder is designed for the athlete (or anyone) who has tight upper chest, shoulders, and spine.

Activities like swimming, weight lifting, and strength training can shorten, tighten, and dehydrate these muscles. This can cause upper back pain and poor posture that can inhibit breath function which will limit you in all ways.

So making a habit of doing these stretches may be helpful. Opening the chest helps to tone the spine and increase the breathing capacity of the lungs. It relieves tightness in the back and shoulders. Men and women will both benefit from increased blood circulation and stimulation of the thyroid, pineal and pituitary glands.

Some of the poses may be unattainable for you right now, but if you do this regularly, over time you will start to notice major flexibility changes. Try practicing this sequence three times a week for a month and see what happens.

Just remember to stay within a pain-free range and always listen to your body.

Hope you enjoy this Yoga For Chest and Shoulder Workout Video!

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